Cyril Marcus
Cyril Marcus

Hi, I'm Cyril

I'm a Front-End Developer. A curious one with a knack of solving puzzles and design enthusiast.

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Tech Stacks

Building web-based application requires some of my favourite tech stacks. I've used these more or less to get the job done.



Janice's Artwork

Client's art portfolio.

Minimalistic in design, the portfolio is perfect for showcasing their talent. The site is a headless CMS from DatoCMS with GatsbyJS built on top and deployed on Netlify. Utilizing static-generated page, it loads not only fast but responsive as well.

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Start-up for startups

A simple landing page with simple authentication system. Created with Laravel on one version and React + NodeJS on the other. Mobile based app are currently being developed.

Laravel v1React + NodeJS v2



Grocery deliveries right at your door step

A work in progress, utilizing pure MERN stacks.

An upcoming future project

Upcoming Project
Upcoming Project

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